Become a Superhero for Young People in Our Community

September 18, 2015 | News & Events

As a young person did you ever dream of being a real life superhero? Maybe you dreamt of flying, having super speed, or super strength. Did you dream of the day where you could tie on the cape and instantly harness your super powers?

What if Junior Achievement gave you the chance to be a superhero to students in our community by becoming a JA volunteer, would you answer the call? JA volunteers help young people break into the working world by teaching important skills including work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy, important superpowers for any young person in today’s workforce. JA volunteers give students the mentors they need to discover their own potential and own their economic success.

While JA volunteers carry program kits instead of wearing a cape, they are true superheroes in our community. Classrooms are in need of volunteers now, whether elementary, middle or high school a program is waiting for you!

If you are ready to use your super powers and volunteer for JA contact Megan Carbello, Volunteer Recruitment Manager at 502-569-9202 or

Post By: Sarah Wunderlin