Play4JA is an opportunity for your company or community to raise funds to support local Junior Achievement students while encouraging employee engagement, excitement and participation for the benefit of our JA kids! All money raised in support of Junior Achievement Play4JA goes directly to JA’s programs in the Kentuckiana Region. Our signature events include bowling, tiny tennis, flying axes, virtual trivia, and pop-a-shot.

JA Virtual Trivia

Connect and compete online against your coworkers or colleagues in a game of trivia.  You may play as an individual or as team of five.  Virtual Trivia requires two devices or screens: one for remote video through Zoom, the other seeing questions and submitting answers.

JA Bowling

Get ready to bowl!  Bowling is the number one fundraiser for JA of Kentuckiana.  A bowling team consists of five people.  Register your team today and “spare” some time for JA!

Tiny Tennis

Step up to the plate, or in this case the net!  Tiny Tennis is a fully mobile event.  Tiny Tennis utilizes smaller tennis racquets, larger foam balls miniature nets, and reduced-sized tennis court.  Tiny Tennis can be enjoyed in a large conference room, dining area or a courtyard.

JA Flying Axes

Make it stick for JA!  A Flying Axes team consist of eight players-a team captain and seven players.  Two throwers compete at a time, axe-to-axe.  Each thrower gets five throws per round.  Throwers score points for each axe that sticks to the target.  High score wins round, best of three rounds wins match.

JA Pop-a-Shot

Play some hoops for JA!  Pop-a-Shot is an electronic basketball shooting game.  Each player shoots for 30 seconds.  Teams can consist of four or five players.  Teams play in a NCAA Bracket competition.  Pop-a-Shot can be played in a large conference room or cafeteria.

Sign up your team or company today!  Contact Jillian Cantu at

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