Exhibitor Information Request Form

Thank you for your participation in JA Inspire, the interactive career exploration event on Tuesday-Thursday October 23-25 at the Kentucky Exposition Center, South Wing B. You will have the opportunity to set up on Monday, October 22, between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. We ask that you have your exhibits open and active from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm on all days. Please fill out the form below.

Set Up Contact
Sharon Peacock (sepeacock@jaky.org) will be handling the set-up for the event. Her phone number is 502-569-9214 should you have any questions!

Logo – Please provide your logo to us by 8/1/17 (if you exhibited last year, we have your logo) for proper representation in the student booklet. Please send high resolution file (jpeg or png format) to Debbie Dalton (ddalton@jaky.org).

Instructions for Ordering Electricity or Internet Access

Electricity – Instructions

For orders placed by Oct 3 there is a setup fee of $125. After that date the fee increases to $180.

  1. Please visit http://www.kyexpo.org/facilityServices.html
  2. Print a copy of the Booth Electrical Grid. You will need to include this with your order. You will find this form below the words “DOWNLOADABLE SERVICE ORDER FORM”. Select Booth Electrical Grid and print.
  3. Select the box labeled Online Utilities Ordering
  4. Scroll and select JA Inspire, October 23-25
  5. Select No, I have not registered on your site before
  6. Create an account and place your order.

Internet Access – Instructions

There is a setup fee that varies depending upon the service requested

  1. Please visit http://www.kyexpo.org/facilityServices.html
  2. Select the box labeled Information Technology
  3. You will be sent to the Smart City Networks web page (instructions on the pdf attached).
  4. Place your order

If you have questions, please call the Exposition Center Service Desk at (502) 367-5321

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