JA BizTown Students Focus on Being Healthy

August 21, 2019 | News & Events

In a new partnership, the University of Louisville’s Center for Healthy Air Water and Soil and Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana have created a new job within JA’s Sam Swope BizTown.  For the first time, the BizTown simulation will feature a Community Health Researcher job. Just like the team of researchers at the University of Louisville, this researcher will observe citizens of BizTown, conduct a survey about health, and present research findings.


While still at JA BizTown, all student citizens can choose to become Health Ambassadors as they learn how communities thrive when everyone is healthy.  They will make a commitment to change one thing at home to make their family healthier.  They can sign up for an invitation to visit real University of Louisville scientists at the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute.   The end result is that kids learn that science is cool and that they can make good choices as they work to lead healthy live