Sam Swope JA Biztown

Sam Swope JA BizTown

For 2020-21 we are excited to introduce a virtual option of JA BizTown that provides educators with online lessons to effectively integrate financial literacy and work and career readiness into the 5th grade classroom. The virtual program includes curriculum and a simulation, both accessible online and flexible for in-class or remote learning. The curriculum is easy to implement and can be teacher led or student self-driven. The online simulation called, JA BizTown Adventures, gives students a 360 degree view of a business while allowing them to step into the shoes of a CEO, CPA, Marketing Director, Sales Manager and JA BizTown Citizen.

Sam Swope JA BizTown is a simulated city built for kids and run by kids. On the very first day of their very first jobs, students experience applying and interviewing for jobs, keeping a work schedule, managing personal budgets, and opening a business. With the ultimate objective of securing and paying off a business loan, JA BizTown is an invaluable experience that prepares children to participate successfully and responsibly in finance and business as an adult.

Thank You to Our JA BizTown Storefront Sponsors!!

JA BizTown Radio Station
JA BizTown Business Center
JA BizTown Philanthropy Center
JA BizTown Newspaper
JA BizTown Dental Insurance
JA BizTown City Hall
JA BizTown Leasing Center
JA BizTown Supply Center
JA BizTown CPA Office
JA BizTown Utilities Center
JA BizTown Hospitality
JA BizTown Realty Office
JA BizTown Medical Center
JA BizTown Restaurant
JA BizTown Bank
JA BizTown Delivery Center
JA BizTown TV/Technology Center

JA BizTown Street Sponsors:

PNC, Mr. & Mrs. James Robinson, John L. Helm, & Henry Heuser

JA BizTown Town Amenities:

BB&T, D.D. Williamson, & Vermont American

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