Volunteer Spotlight!

September 27, 2016 | News & Events

The school year is in full swing already, and Junior Achievement volunteers are heading into classrooms all over Kentuckiana to teach and inspire students. For some volunteers standing in front of a classroom full of curious, eager eyes can place them far outside their comfort zones. For others, though, teaching even the most challenging students is an experience they thrive on. All-star JA volunteer William Starks of G. Starks Realty is one of those volunteers who has made a huge impact on students and keeps coming back for more.


With dozens of high school classes taught and over 300 students taking part in his lessons, Mr. Starks is changing lives every time he walks into a classroom. When asked why he chooses JA to devote his time he said “I choose to volunteer with Junior Achievement because I see our youth being exposed to so much negativity at a young age.  I want to reach as many as I can with the information provided to open their eyes and to show them that there are adults out here who care about their future.” Starks has taught a variety of JA programs–everything from JA Personal Finance, to JA Career Success and JA Be Entrepreneurial. He humbly states that “The personal benefit that I get from volunteering is knowing that somewhere in the future someone that I had in my JA class just might be the next CEO or future Entrepreneur because of me.”


William Starks could very well be influencing the next generation of entrepreneurs in our area. All volunteers have the potential to change a young life by spending time and knowledge with students. Junior Achievement provides all of the materials volunteers need to be successful in the classroom, but we need your skills and experiences to truly make an impact. “The impact that I’ve seen on the students has been that as the sessions go on they start to be more focused on what I am teaching.  They are more willing to raise their hands to participate in the class room sessions.  A great number of students will start to ask questions after the 2nd or 3rd session which is great.”


Won’t you consider being a volunteer who can impact the lives of our area’s young students? With schools all over Kentuckiana requesting classes, we have the flexibility to help you find your passion and use your skills to make a difference.